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Delton Pro EA is suitable for anyone who knows nothing about Forex online Trading (we will guide you and set up everything) to Forex Professional traders.

Who created Deltonpro?

Jeremy Delton is a world-class professional trader. He starts his trading career on 2004 at the age of 29. Before, Jeremy was a banker in one of a well-known USA firm and graduated from Harvard Business School.

The dawn of his trading career was very gloomy; at first he lost his 50k investment into Forex trading in less than 5 months. The spirit of enthusiast was indeed crushed into pieces. In time he finds his courage back, but this time he starts investing by smaller amount. Good fate seems never be with him, by 2006 he has a zero balance and with losses of almost 200k.

For normal man, we will just leave Forex Trading and start back doing our regular job. But as Jeremy read a quote by Donald Trump saying “What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.” Jeremy with the helps of his brother together analyzing every loss and every wins he has done. On 2007 or about a year since the depressed days, he has gained back every amount of money he has losses and successfully paying all of his debts.

Shortly after the brightest moment of his life, Jeremy and his brother decided to automate the system they have been using, their main reason to automate their system are to minimize the missed of perfect opportunity and to maximize the potential of perfect opportunity. Beside we don’t have to torture ourselves by sitting on a chair all day long starring the charts and market everyday and even every second. Their solutions are truly the best solution for traders.

Why choose Deltonpro?

1. Proven with real money and trade in real market condition

2. Each strategy and way of trade are compliance with any online Forex Broker. (No fast scalping, No close-range trailing stop or sl, No arbitrage, .etc)

3. DeltonPro uses the real and current market movement and price analysis

4. DeltonPro accuracy is above 89%, the highest accuracy ever known in forex strategy

5. Anyone who has at least $50 amount of money to be invested in Forex Trading can use DeltonPro and starts earning profit right away.


What is the strategy of this EA:

Forget about the risky strategy of averaging, martingale, switching or hedging. DeltonPro is an accurate system that does not need any supporting risky strategy that will sooner or later blow your account into Zero. 

Forget about the lagging indicator that most traders are still using it with fancy name, design or whatsoever. DeltonPro using real on-time price,  current market movement.

Our implanted strategy are market psychology, Harmonic patterns trading, Naked Candle Trading, Fibonacci Trading, and other secret ingredient which makes this robot trading an almost never loss Expert Advisor


  • High accuracy
  • On Any Timeframe
  • On Any Pairs
  • On Any Broker that allows EA Trading
  • Proven its stability since 2007


  • Sometimes high Drawdown could occurs
  • Higher Price


Accuracy - 9.5
Profitability - 9.2
Drawdown Qualities - 7.2
Trading Strategy - 9.6
Vendor Service and Support - 8.9


  1. This is the best and its true 🙂

  2. This month I earn over 500% net profit with Deltonpro

    • Hello can someone give me good attitude for delton

  3. EA trade very professionally.
    Never loss any more trade, If you are looking for a perfect system, this EA is your answer


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